Monday, June 7, 2010

A Conference for Peace

As I was searching for the next upcoming virtual sit-in, I instead came across the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict, an organization that works with like-minded educational institutions and nongovernmental organizations to educate the global public, influence media and and policies coverage, and educate activists and organizers. Their website includes a page of events for activists and learners to get involved.

An upcoming event listed for July 6-10, 2010 is the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Conference in Sydney, Australia. Their website strives to battle a war for peace Every two years IPRA meets together to assess conflict and peace building in the world, discuss the state of the art of peace research, plan future research, and influence the practice and decision making of violence prevention and peace building.

The conference spans over a five day period. The fourth day, on Friday afternoon, peace journalism and media activism. The media activism part ties nicely into my research on nonviolent protests and media coverage. So here is my ticket to Sydney!


  1. Way to take your topic to the real world! Well I'm sure you've researched the IPRA pretty well before making the decission to attend the conference, so I think it would really substantiate your paper to include some of their past successes and their wider influence - along the lines of Civil Disobedience if possible.

  2. I have been having an ironically difficult time trying to find events really related to censorship and freedoms in China. I looked at your event, though, and was interested in the IPRA's discusion on freedoms, communication, fair government, etc. I loved that it was broad, yet, encompassed many of the issues I'm researching. Thanks for sharing this--we'll have to attend together in Sydney.